Announcing the August Meeting!

Building on the enthusiasm and topic from the first meetup, I’m pleased to announce the August meeting on August 27th at 7pm at The 404.  This months meeting will build on July’s topic of indexing strategy by showing some real-world application.

Dave Stokes, Community Manager from Oracle and former MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and SUN will discuss how to use EXPLAIN to optimize queries that are shown to be sub-optimal.  This is a very common task for MySQL DBAs and also a good practice for developers (DBAs love it when their developers think about query execution prior to code being deployed).

I’ll also give a brief talk on how you can collect traffic from a production system and isolate problem queries.  More often than not, bad queries are the source of server problems so identifying and optimizing them is key to keeping your database running optimally.

Like last time, we’ll be providing pizza, drinks, and snacks – hope to see you there!

– Mike